Kerstin M


Sharing stories and histories of pain in a group of people, allowed reflection on how different places may or may not influence pain, or how we deal with it. Read more

Richard Crow


It had a ramp, a ‘sit up and take notice of me’ bed with a plastic undersheet to catch any slip ups. Read more

Wendy Straw

"Raw Nerve" — Wendy Straw

Photoshop / Scanner / using natural objects to portray pain of back ache

Reflections after completing the Communicating Chronic Pain Workshops

I found out about the four workshops on Communicating Chronic Pain whilst attending a four week pain management programme at St. Thomas Hospital, London, called input. Read more

Learning from mimosa plants: Communicating chronic pain through spatial mapping


mimosa: from Latin mimus ‘mime’ (due to the way the plant seemingly mimics the sensitivity of an animal). Read more

Rachael Allen

Receiving the invitation to participate in the project, I was enthused by the prospect of collaborating with a Neuroimaging researcher in a workshop context. Pain is an experience close to my heart, both physically and emotionally. Read more

Sharon Jackson


My hands and arms are filled with liquid fire. That’s how it feels; that’s how it is, to me, for me, now. Below my skin the substance of my arms and hands has been replaced with something that is fluid but burns. It is not that my arms are being burned; it’s that these limbs, my body itself, has become the fire. It does not stop. It is barely bearable, yet it is bearable. It does not consume me, and I live with it. Read more

Ulises Moreno-Tabarez

The CCP workshops were of great benefit to me on a personal level. I attended all of the workshops and felt that each of them provided a platform for participants and workshop facilitators to share knowledge that was enhancing our own experiences from our respective locales — chronic pain sufferers and health practitioners. Read more